5 Bold Interior Design Ideas For High Ceilings and Unique Crown Mouldings

Interior Design Ideas
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Whether your home features high ceilings, unique crown moulding, or angles, bold interior design ideas can enhance these dramatic features. By choosing contrasting colors, coordinated-yet-eclectic furnishings, and custom window treatments, you can highlight these features. Adding custom window treatments will also accentuate the height of the ceilings.

Accent wall

Accent walls are a great way to highlight a room’s features. You can create these accents by using various colors, shapes, or materials. These walls can be used to highlight certain aspects of a room while keeping a neutral color palette for the rest of the room. Using an accent wall is a great way to draw attention to certain areas of a room and can make your room feel more spacious.

Accent walls can also be used to add character and movement to the room. You can make the walls look lively by using bold colors. You can also use a single color on one wall. It is best to use a color that matches other colors in the room. Use matching blinds and artwork to complete the look. One of the easiest ways to create an accent wall is by painting it. This method is inexpensive and can add a unique accent to any room.

Millennial pink interior design

Millennial pink is a popular color that is both soothing and daring. It’s also known as the Moroccan color and is often associated with Marrakech. This color can be used in a variety of interior design schemes, including as an anchor neutral. For a home office, it’s a great option for adding vibrancy to a space while still keeping it a peaceful and relaxing space.

Millennial pink comes in a wide variety of shades, from blush to suppressed bubblegum. It also has various undertones ranging from muted pink to grey or dusty pink. Because of this, many people are wary of pairing pink with red, for fear it will give a drab or somber effect.

Eclectic design

Eclectic interior design ideas involve mixing different styles and elements to create an interesting look in your home. To achieve this look, you should mix different colors and patterns, and use unexpected combinations. You can even mix solid and patterned fabrics. If you have a large piece of furniture, use an eclectic approach to decorating it.

One of the best ways general blog to make your home eclectic is to use artwork. For example, you can add a pencil sketch to your gallery wall, or add a painting to your coffee table. You can also bring in souvenirs from different cultures. Adding frames to favorite album covers and scenes can also add character to eclectic interior design ideas.

Wood accents

Using wood accents is a great way to bring warmth and texture into your home. They match well with most interior designs, so you can incorporate them with little effort. One of the easiest ways to incorporate wood into your interior design is to install wood accent walls. You can create a subtle yet striking effect by installing a wood wall panel halfway up the wall or using a vertical running wainscoting in a room.

You can install wood accent walls in any room of your house. One of the best places to install wood accent walls is in the bedroom. If you are looking to create a minimalist bedroom, then a dark wood accent wall will look great. The wood accent will stand out against the white walls and be a great contrast. A wood accent wall will also complement the bed linens and pillows you use.

New wall colors

In this year’s color trends, bold, yet natural pairings are in vogue. Bold greens with striking tones are the most popular choices. You can use these shades in your home in various ways to add drama and depth to your interior design. These shades are available in several shades, from subtle to intense.

Open-plan homes are commonly characterized by large spaces, but color can create focal points in featureless rooms and help define the interior. Bonnie Krims, an architectural color consultant, recommends choosing one color for the walls and keeping other hues for fabrics.

Window treatments

According to Segment Digital Adding window treatments to a room can add an instant pop of color and texture. They can also add sparkle to a room. For an inexpensive DIY project, you can use stained glass, or hang pieces of art from the window. For a more artistic approach, consider making your own drapes. DIYers can find materials in craft stores. If you’re a bit more ambitious, you can even make drapes out of table linens.

Another popular way to decorate a room with window treatments is by taking inspiration from a favorite season or color. For example, you can incorporate the colors of autumn or winter to add a warm glow to the room. You can also incorporate a nautical theme to add a coastal feeling to your home. Many coastal homes in Florida feature elements of the nautical style, like lighthouses and seashells.


One of the most important aspects of interior design is the proper lighting. Using the right light can transform a room and change its mood. Ambient lighting should provide even illumination throughout the interior, while task and accent lighting are used to focus attention on specific features and create a mood. Proper lighting also draws attention away from less appealing areas.

Decorative lighting schemes vary the intensity of light and the sources used. This allows for different activities to take place in different areas of a room. For example, if you plan to use your kitchen for cooking and entertaining, you need to choose a light intensity that can accommodate all of those activities.

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