6 Most Commonly Available Wall Mirrors Online

Wall Mirrors
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Wall Mirrors are not just soul reflectors but a vital home decorative element. The appreciation for inimitable wall décor has intensified with time. And with intensive wall décor options available online, there is a wide variety. Among all, wall mirrors are the most noticeable decor installation. No longer a necessity but a charmer stealing the show, they look spectacular on walls. Not only do they create the illusion of space but also maximize overall appeal. Regardless of the size of your home, they look great; even more applaudable in areas having darker corners. However, with so many wall mirror online, selection becomes a daunting task. Let this write-up delve deeper into the preferable wall mirror online:

  1. Framed Mirrors- It is still the top-selling wall mirror online. They developed years ago and are known for their sturdiness, strength and unbiased look. The abundant variety in frames makes them beloved among many. The uniqueness of the wood, colourfully painted frames or sometimes crystal provides an appealing look. A perfect installation to accentuate traditional, dazzling or classic style bathrooms, they are a blessing.
  • Suitability- Owing to the hefty look of the frame, these mirrors are suitable for large bathrooms. Mounting them in the small bathrooms will make the area look dwarf than actual.

2- Frameless Mirrors- Before the onset of wall mirrors online, mirrors had two commonly pronounced names. The first and foremost is Framed, and another one is frameless. Unlike framed mirrors, frameless are delicate, giving a raw and refined look. Their sleekness, design and ultra finish make it an ultimate choice for modern bathrooms. You may encounter a frameless mirror in a newly renovated or built home. Their beauty is hard to define but effortless to install. Unlike framed, they offer complete reflection without any further obstruction.

  • Suitability- Their clear lines and clean look are ideal for homes having compact bathrooms. These rectify the darkness creating false depth while allowing sunlight to reflect if placed mindfully. Not only for small bathrooms but frameless mirrors with heightened length ideally suit large bathrooms also. You can find a suitable frameless wall mirror online from Wallmantra according to your comfort and budget.

3- Mirrored Cabinets- Taking the best out of an object gives dual pleasure. And this is what this mirror type confers. Although no novice, mirrored cabinets have been in use for years. They Suit the purpose of both placing essentials and reflecting image effectively. Unlike past, there is an elaborated variety in designs, sizes and shapes. Cabinets with a raw and rusty look are making rounds for their beauty and elegance. Apart from the options in wall mirrors online, you can get them personalized as per your interior setup. Their multi-functional decoration appeals to renowned bathroom stylists and is in huge demand.

  • Suitability- Although mirrored cabinets are perfect for compact and large-sized bathrooms, one can take advantage where the area is tight. It accommodates almost all cosmetics, medicines and other stuff you require daily.

4- LED Mirrors- Who once thought of mirrors with light as practicality? To our surprise, LED mirrors sell faster than ordinary mirrors online. They bear an almost equal cost, but the functions are dynamic. You may find the light around the frame or at the top. They can be framed as well as frameless. Also, the in-built lighting option is sustainable and doesn’t require high maintenance. (Although one has to take care of water spilling around the light to avoid maintenance)

  • Suitability- These mirrors are suitable for women who love doing makeup but lack an elaborated vanity at home. These can also aid in performing basic tasks such as shaving and grooming.

5- Captain Mirrors- You must not have heard about them more often. The fact is there are limited options in captain wall mirror online. These are rarely used ( If I talk about bathrooms or living rooms here in India), and designs are few. Despite their rare appearance, they look classy, contemporary and sophisticated. Their industrial approach makes them unique in every sense. The leather hanging around in a circle supports these mirrors.

  • Suitability- These mirrors are not restricted to bathrooms but above the console in living rooms. Their beauty and elegance make them a perfect piece for your home.

6- Venetian Mirrors- Authentically from Venice, Italy, these mirrors display opulence and luxury. The beveled golden frames are not only rare to find but also hard to maintain. Although restricted to hotels and palaces in the past, there are common in homes. The flashy look conceals the grace and lets onlookers gaze for minutes. Directly or indirectly, it gives a hint of your choice and preferences. Besides the skilful borders, the metal screws are also worth-praising. They are a perfect definition of classiness and grace.

  • Suitability- Looking at their charm, they elaborate a hotel hallway, entryway, or bathroom. However, one can buy a Venetian mirror online for home also but with a subtle look.

Wrapping It Off

Mirrors on wall are undoubtedly bliss for home decor lovers. Their magnificence and creation of illusion is beyond appreciation, and you can get a wall mirror online at affordable rates matching your budget. 




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