8 Best Sites For Free Online Movie Streaming

Movie Streaming
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Popular online streaming services with large libraries of interesting content include Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hotstar. However, there are a few less well-known services that offer free access to online movies.

Even while many of these services assert that they are free and offer the best information, this isn’t always the case. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best websites for free movie streaming. The websites provide movies from some major studios, but they also include a tonne of older and independent films that you’ll want to see repeatedly.

Here Be The 8 Best Free Streaming Sites For Movies Online


YouTube is the largest video streaming platform in the world and offers a wide variety of videos including movies, music, news, technology, humorous, beautiful, educational, and review videos. There is an official movie channel featuring a mix of paid and free content. To watch movies for free online, you can also subscribe to some other channels that are focused on movies, such as CinemaSins, Screen Junkies, Start Movies, Goldmines Telefilms, Screen Rant, Movieclips Trailers, The Film Theorists, Looper, etc.

However, watching lengthy movies on YouTube calls for a fast internet connection. Please maintain a steady network throughout this procedure; failing to do so will degrade the viewing experience.If required, you may download the movie to your computer for offline watching with our free YouTube video downloader.


Watch5S is consistently taken into consideration when it comes to online streaming movies and TV episodes because of its exclusive index and high-quality material. It is frequently used to watch all genres of movies, from classic to contemporary, as well as popular TV shows. It gives all of its material and contents for free, as well as a safe and streamlined platform for watching free movies and TV series online. On its home page, you may see all the most recent and popular videos.

The news regarding movies and actors may also be found on Watch5S. Before watching, you can view a preview of the film and look up its IMDb rating. It also offers more choices for the search’s filtering and sorting. Overall, this free website for watching movies has all the tools you’ll need.


MoviesWatcher is a fantastic service for streaming movies, offering all kinds of films arranged in a variety of categories and subtypes. You will be able to see both classic and contemporary films. Its comprehensive search tool and genre search options make it simple to find movies. Along with movies, it also provides TV shows with the most recent episodes. The user can watch movies in HD resolution and also look up reviews and a synopsis of each film.


Another website where you may watch movies for free online is FMoviesFree. It is a fantastic service that allows users to watch entire movies online for free. Therefore, you do not need to give any personal or financial information to an unknown online movie website. It contains a big collection of films in every genre. The movies can be sorted by pop.

5.Free Tube Spots:

Free Tube Spots is a website that serves as a search engine for videos, allowing you to find any video on the internet. The website has assembled films from numerous online sources and posted them there. It receives 113k or more in organic traffic. The site has a 194k Alexa Rank.

6.Tubi TV:

Users from all around the world can stream free TV shows and movies using Tubi TV. The platform is a very popular option for viewing entertainment online because it has many free movies and web series that you can’t find anywhere else. More than 50,000 different pieces of entertainment are available on Tubi TV.

Since it doesn’t require a sign-up or credit card information, it is a great substitute for Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. The platform is funded by advertisements and offers programming in the comedy, action, drama, kid’s show, Korean drama, and classic television genres. Content from well-known platforms including Metro Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount Pictures, and Lionsgate is available on Tubi. Additionally, it contains some unique content not available on Netflix.

7.Online Classic Movies:

Another website that streams movies from the vintage cinema is called Classic Cinema. You can also access all of the platform’s content without having to sign up. Overall, it offers consumers a user-friendly interface that they can quickly browse through. With more than 1000 films, Classic Cinema has a vast library of movies that can be rented or watched for free with AD support. One of the best places to stream old movies in 2021 is on this website.


Another website with both paid and free streaming options is SonyLIV. Live sporting events including football and cricket are also aired on the app. Live games, however, are just reserved for premium subscribers and are not accessible for free.

However, a lot of the programming on SonyLIV is free, and viewers can access animal channels like Animal Planet without paying a dime. They also have some of the in-house original content that Sony creates. All platforms, including smartphones, TVs, tablets, and desktops, are supported by the service.

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