8 Mind-Blowing Health Benefits Of Playing Mobile Games

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Playing mobile games is very common. Every third person across the globe is a mobile gamer. Mobile games account for 46% of the global gaming market and 74% of consumer spending on mobile apps. This statistical data is overwhelming, but today it is a reality. With over 2.3 users, gaming is the largest entertainment industry estimated at $678 billion.

Although some may view gaming as pure fun, it has a strong de-stressing and healing effect on the human body. Numerous studies reveal that mobile gaming affects the brain in a good manner and allows gamers to combat a number of health problems. When used with common sense, mobile games  like gangster crime have great potential to manage mental illnesses and boost health recovery from a post-traumatic stress disorder and other traumatic events. The issue of mobile gaming is contradictory and conspicuous by negative consequences too, such as gaming addiction or sleep deprivation.

Here are 8 positive effects of mobile gaming on individuals:

1. Improved Cognitive Skills

Playing mobile games is probably one of the most entertaining ways for individuals to train their brain. The process of boosting cognitive skills occurs unconsciously in the course of the gamers’ interaction with a mobile game. Since playing the game on a smartphone usually requires persons to keep in mind the peculiarities of the plot or find smart solutions to in-game challenges, their brain gets an opportunity to advance in particular tasks. While logic game apps are considered the most beneficial in the development  skills, other genres can be still very impactful in their positive effect on the human brain.

2. Good Motor Skills

As these skills are associated with the ability of an individual to precisely perform certain actions by using their muscles, there can be no doubts that mobile games can serve as a virtual apparatus that trains their motor skills. According to one of the recent studies, individuals known for playing mobile games regularly, tend to have a shorter reaction time and better motor skills compared to those who don’t use their smartphones for gaming purposes at all. Even though mobile games are useless in terms of increasing muscle weight, they can be particularly effective in making the muscles work better and faster.

3. Enhanced Concentrations

It is important to recognize the exceptional power of mobile game apps in keeping yourself focused on a particular subject. Education specialists and medical practitioners decided to use interactive mobile apps to help children with ADHD  succeed in learning.

Surely, the use of mobile games as the sole strategy for treating ADHD makes little sense. However, when this method is used with other effective interventions, such as behavior-based approaches or psychotherapy, there is a higher chance for a child to get integrated into society in a healthy and natural way.

4. Treatment for Autism

Many clinical facilities use mobile games to promote recovery from autism. For example, children affected by autism can train their attention and concentration with mobile games that offer an interactive and responsive playing environment.

Unlike traditional treatments for autism, mobile gaming is more engaging and flexible. It provides children affected by autism with the opportunity to develop social skills and encourages them to learn new things. As a result, mobile games can be a flexible digital tool for helping children with autism feel comfortable with learning.

5. Remedy Against Depression

Clinical depression is a global burden, especially among individuals that overwork and stress. It is important to take measures in time when this illness does not lead to serious consequences, such as self-injury, health problems, reckless behaviour, etc. Though many physiatrists prescribe antidepressants and other medications to reduce the level of anxiety in patients, it is still possible to resist it by playing mobile games.

One-hour gaming per day is an effective remedy against depressive thoughts that often come after a hard workday. Office workers that devote half an hour in the evening to gameplay appear to be less vulnerable. Especially to mental health problems and more other life stresses.

6. Anti-Ageing Effect

Based on TechJury research, 55% of mobile gamers are aged around 55 years old. Though, many typically deny their gaming habits and avoid thinking of themselves as gamers. Engagement in mobile games is an amazing opportunity for older people. It can help them to build a strong bond with teenagers and become a respected person in life. The gameplay does not set any age limits.

The older generation can easily belong to the gaming community that involves members of various ages. Hence, allowing an elderly gamer to feel younger and at the same time find like-minded people. This practice is usually recommended for older persons that suffer from social isolation and need to experience the feeling of belonging to a group.

7. Social Interaction

Similarly to the old generation, youngsters can improve their social life too. Online mobile games commonly allow for teamwork and active communication with other players. This kind of climate is favourable for making new friends and expanding the circle of relations. Moreover, the opportunity to share the moment of victory or failure lets gamers feel supported in their feelings and aspirations.

Mobile gaming brings millions of people together irrespective of their location and background. For that reason, it is a good therapy for individuals with poor communicative skills or suffering from loneliness and alienation. Though mobile gaming does not require physical presence, it provides the advantages of real-life interaction and to some degree helps players overcome social anxiety.

8. High Level Of Well-Being

To escape from problems, individuals tend to use mobile games. Especially, when players face the harsh reality and need a way to take their minds off. Wherever they are, a smartphone remains at hand and allows using mobile apps anytime. Though mobile gaming cannot help solve challenges, it gives individuals time to relax and regain their power to fight back. This reason is essentially the main reason why so many people choose gaming as their preferred activity.


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