Centricity EMR vs. Cerner EMR – Which is Best Software for Medical?

Centricity EMR
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An Electronic Health Record (EHR), or electronic medical record, is a record that a provider keeps up-to-date about a patient’s health history. It can contain all of the necessary administrative and clinical information regarding a patient’s care with a specific provider. EHRs (electronic health records) are easier to access for doctors and can save them time. EHRs can be used to make evidence-based decisions and manage quality. They also allow for reporting via different interfaces.

EHRs are the next stage in healthcare. They can improve communication between patients and doctors. Providers can provide better care because of the data’s timeliness and accessibility.

Let’s now learn more about Centricity EMR vs. Cerner. These are two of the most popular EHR programs.

Centricity EMR Software

GE Centricity, an EHR system for medical facilities, assists with clinical and administrative tasks. Centricity practice management makes it easy for doctors and staff to manage daily tasks such as scheduling appointments, billing and following up patients.

The Centricity patient portal allows you to view and modify information stored in your Centricity medical record. We’ll be discussing some of the best features and how they can help your clinic.

Centricity EMR software Features

Clinical Documentation

Healthcare facilities must keep track of patient records in order to function smoothly. Cerner’s documentation function makes it simple to create charts or fill out forms. Voice recognition and dictation tools can help you save time.

User reviews have shown that Centricity EMR is a good choice for busy doctors who don’t have the time or patience to spend in front of a computer.

Configurable Templates

Centricity EHR’s extensive library of templates is one of its best features. These templates are already built into the software, and can be modified to suit the specific needs of your medical facility. You can choose from a variety of forms and modify the fields to meet your needs. Ask for a demo of GE Centricity EHR to see each feature in greater detail.

Patient Portal

A patient portal makes electronic medical record software much more useful. The patient portal allows patients to communicate with their providers at the same time. Centricity EMR software has received positive reviews. This feature makes it easy for patients and doctors to communicate quickly. They can also access their test results online and communicate with their doctors via computers.

Mobile App

Centricity EHR was updated to provide new tools that make manual processes more efficient as the demand for time-saving services grows. The mobile app for Centricity EMR Software has many features, and it works on both iOS devices and Android.

This system makes it easy to make appointments and view patient records. It also keeps track of vital signs and provides lab results. It is simple to use the mobile app and allows you to access your data and tools. User reviews of Centricity EMR have many positive comments.

Cerner Medical Software

Cerner, a cloud-based electronic medical record system, helps hospitals and clinics to run more efficiently and provide better care.  Their solutions are simple to use and work well for any size healthcare organization, whether it is a solo practitioner or a large system.

Cerner’s electronic medical record software is consistently well-respected for its ease of use, the many features it offers, and the focus it places on patient care. Doctors can now see more patients per day without having to compromise the quality of their care.

Cerner EMR Features

Clinical Documentation

Cerner’s electronic medical records software is often praised by users for reducing paperwork and raising the standard of care. Cerner software is able to support narrative, voice, and automatic text recognition. It also supports speech-to-text which speeds up charting and documentation. It is also convenient that patients’ information, such as prescriptions and diagnoses can be added instantly.

Mobile App

Cerner EMR  software allows doctors to view patient records, place refill orders, assess diagnostics and view clinical results via their mobile devices. Doctors find voice dictation useful because it allows them to write faster and has many other benefits. It’s a big plus to have a mobile app that allows you to access information anywhere, at any time.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management tools in Cerner software have been known to improve your practice’s financial health. Cerner’s EMR software is praised by users for its ability to increase productivity and reduce costs. This will help you make more money. Pre-submission insurance verification allows claims that may be false to be corrected.

Patient Kiosk

The Cerner EMR software includes a patient kiosk. Patients can use self-service to check in for appointments and manage them. They can also complete registration forms and view information about their insurance and themselves. The software allows documents to be signed electronically and stored in electronic health records.


Prices for Cerner EHR and Centricity EMR are not available as neither company has made them publicly. However, users’ reviews indicate that both prices are based upon a monthly subscription model. Talk to the seller to get a quote specific for your practice.

What do we think about Centricity vs. Cerner Electronic Medical Record Software?

Which one would you choose if you had to choose between Cerner software and Centricity EMR? It can be difficult to choose the right medical software for your company from so many options. You can examine each one individually to determine which one is best for you.

Set up a demo to learn more about the product. You can then try the demo to find out how it works and if the product meets your needs. Other sites may also have reviews.

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