Ideas for Organizing Your Wardrobe to Minimize Clutter

Ideas for Organizing Your Wardrobe to Minimize Clutter
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You are going to a party tonight. You bought a dress last month, and tonight is the night to flaunt it. As soon as you open your closet, a heap of clothes falls on you. Forget finding the desired dress; you have the new task of arranging your wardrobe.

Does the above scenario fit you? If yes, it is time to think about organization ideas for your wardrobe, which will minimize clutter. Sounds easy? It might be possible that you know some of it, but implementation is the key. Buying the right tools and folding the clothes in the right manner can save you the trouble of folding and arranging clothes occasionally.

11 Amazing Wardrobe Organization Ideas For you

Bid goodbye to clutter with these simple yet fantastic ideas.

Buy The Right Tools

If your closet is not divided properly or needs more shelves, you must buy the right tools. First, think about what takes up the most space in your wardrobe. You might think clothes, but it may not be true. There are different shoes for every occasion, jewelry, coats, belts, wallets, watches, bags, and perfumes, and if you are married and have a combined closet, then you have only half the space to store all these things.

Yes, you will need the right tools, which include storage baskets and bins. They allow you to store those items which you want to keep neatly folded. Then there are divided drawers for jewelry. They come with small compartments to keep your earrings, bracelets and rings neatly sorted. Eliminate that jewelry box now.

Buy hangers. The more hangers, the easier it will be to sort your wardrobe. You would agree that sorting through hanging clothes is much easier. So, install hanging racks in your closet and neatly hang your clothes.

Buy Another Rack for Shoes

Mostly, your shoes go into the bottom storage of your closet. But if you have space in your room, get a dedicated shoe rack. This way, you have more space for clothes and other items, and your shoes are more settled and orderly.

Don’t Forget Hooks and Hanging Organizers

Those rubber bands, hair belts, scrunchies, handkerchiefs, bandanas, etc., always keep lying ‘somewhere’ in your closet. Why not make a place for them? Install hooks on the side walls of the closet. Install hanging organizers on them, and here you go. These will come in handy if you don’t know where to keep something.

Install Dividers

It is true that you cannot hang every cloth on hangers. There are trousers, jeans, jackets, and hoodies, which you keep neatly folded, but after a while, they keep falling out of line on each other, cluttering the wardrobe. Install dividers between them. Different types of dividers are available in market that can be vertically fitted on shelves and divide the space for clutter-free arrangements.

Light Up the Wardrobe

Most of the time, lighting in wardrobe is not given much thought. When you look at your closet, you will agree that there is a secret Narnia cave behind it too.

Jokes apart, light up your wardrobe. In the darkness, your wardrobe appears more cluttered than it is. Use accent lighting and let it highlight the areas. It will make your life easier.

Decluttering Is a Good Idea

Your wardrobe has limited space. Once it is filled to the brim, no organizational ideas can work. Decluttering is also a part of the organization where you distinguish what you will wear and which dress will go into the charity box.

Remember that black dress you can’t fit into anymore or the jeans which are out of trend now; that snood you never wore or the jacket whose color you never liked? This is the time when you need to get rid of all these things. Then, make space for the new clothes (only if you need more).

Seasonal Change

It is winter, and you will not be wearing that backless dress for the next four months. So, there is no point in hanging it at the front. Organize seasonally.

Ask yourself questions. What would you need for the next month? What are the accessories you must take out from the storage bins? Which shoes would you need? Think for the coming season and think smartly. It will automatically declutter the wardrobe.

Learn Folding Techniques

Are you someone who does not have a huge number of clothes, but the wardrobe is always bulging? The reason might be your folding techniques. Consistency in folding type, precision, and careful arrangement is important. There are numerous YouTube videos or DIY videos on Pinterest that you can check out and learn new folding techniques.

Install Over-The-Door Organizers

The inside space of the closet door is unused, and you still have items that need placement, such as caps, socks, boots, etc. Install rods with hooks and hang bags for small items. Create wired racks and use them for stacking boots. Use small hangers to hang your undergarments.

There are numerous ideas to do on your closet door.

Buy A Coat Rack

Do those large coats take up most space in your closet? Take them out and create a coat rack. It depends on where you want to install it. It can be behind your bedroom door or the outside wall of your closet. You can also go for a hardwood coat rack with vintage hooks, and it will add style to your space.

Move Your Jewelry to The Dressing Table

Jewelry means show off. Why hide them away in stacked storage when they should be displayed? Instead, use display pieces and free up your drawer space. There are several unique Pinterest ideas you can move to for help.


When you imagine a wardrobe, you imagine it tidy, airy, neatly arranged, and properly illuminated. But the genie is not going to fulfill your wish of having such a wardrobe. So instead, you need to do it all by yourself.

The ideas discussed above are tested and successful. Try them now and clear up your wardrobe.

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