The Norstrat Group

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TheNorstrat Group is a leading market research and strategic consulting firm in Europe and the United States, which provides market intelligence, financial, and corporate intelligence to clients in the consumer, retail, media, healthcare, and technology industries. In addition to research and analysis, Norstrat is committed to building relationships that help companies become more effective and efficient.

Market research analytical tools

Performing market research is an essential part of any business. It provides businesses with insights into customer behavior, sales performance, and potential opportunities. This information can help business owners position products and services more effectively. Getting the most out of this activity requires the use of the right tools.

The good news is that there are plenty of market research tools available to help. From competitor intelligence to social media monitoring, these tools provide relevant information about your market. You can also take advantage of predictive analytics to get a better sense of future trends in your industry.

There are several free and paid tools to choose from. Using the right software can simplify the whole process, and bring it all under one roof.

Norstrat offers a variety of services to help businesses achieve their goals. These include project management, strategy development, and digital strategies. They also offer training programs for business decision making.

Call center outsourcing

Outsourcing call center operations can be a huge help to companies looking to expand their international footprint. Providing customers with round the clock support is a great benefit, especially if they are located overseas.

In addition, outsourced customer service can give you access to more skilled employees. This can be a boon to your bottom line and can improve your relationship with your customers. It also frees up your company to focus on other aspects of your business.

Whether you are considering outsourced call center services or an in-house team, you need to find the right solution for your business. You will want to ensure that the partner you choose is on the same page as you when it comes to providing you with superior customer service.

The best outsourced contact centers should have a solid customer service strategy in place. This includes a written procedure to make reporting issues easier. Having a consistent scoring system between you and your outsourced partner is also key.

Compliance program

Norstrat is a consulting firm with an impressive track record of success. Established in 1988 by Lee Carson, the firm has been helping governments and other organizations solve complex government challenges. They offer a wide range of services, ranging from cloud computing to digital marketing.

Norstrat specializes in providing information technology solutions to government, healthcare, and other public entities. The company also works with private companies to help them develop security systems and other solutions for business.

Norstrat was founded by a group of former Canadian Armed Forces and government employees. Its mission is to provide comprehensive support for its programs, including strategy advice, marketing, data analysis, sales force implementation, technical assistance, and cyber-security.

Norstrat’s consulting division provides information to clients about improving operations in northern Canada. It also consults on major government contract opportunities. This includes guidance on the National Energy Act.

Moreover, the Norstrat underwater search and alert system helps companies identify and mitigate security risks. These tools are designed to provide detailed information on potential safety hazards.

Strategic partnership with Hill & Knowlton Strategies

A strategic partnership between Norstrat and Hill & Knowlton Strategies provides companies with a unique opportunity to reach out to a global audience. These two firms combine their expertise in public relations, digital marketing, social media optimization, and other forms of communication to assist clients in achieving their business goals.

Hill & Knowlton Strategies is one of the world’s most trusted communications organizations. Its clients have access to the organization’s worldwide network and 400 public relations experts. The company offers a wide variety of services, including strategic consulting, influencer outreach, content creation, digital communication projects, and leadership development programs.

In addition, Hill & Knowlton Strategies has a comprehensive suite of analytical tools that allow its customers to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. Their software program, Brand Metrics, enables businesses to quantify how customers react to ads and other marketing efforts. This allows them to measure their areas of improvement.

Norstrat is an integrated marketing and communications firm that specializes in digital, brand, and business strategy. The company’s mission is to help businesses achieve their full potential.


Norstrat is a Canadian company which provides a wide variety of services. It helps companies to develop new technologies and build connections in the regions it serves. The organization also offers training, leadership development, and professional coaching sessions.

Norstrat has a team of professionals who are highly qualified and experienced. They have worked with some of the best-known organizations in the world. Their expertise is in marketing, business development, government relations, and public relations.

As a result, the firm has developed a large number of clients in different industries. Some of these include The Walt Disney Company, Charles Schwab & Co., and the World Bank Group.



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