Top 50 Maintenance Services Assignment Topics in Australia

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Every department of the business benefits when a maintenance program is successful. Leading companies today are benefiting from putting in place well-designed and managed dependability plans. Are you prepared to advance your dependability program? Here are 50 suggestions to get you going:

  1. Get familiar with the 12 components of reliable reliability management.
  2. Monitor upkeep metrics
  3. Use maintenance schedule and planning
  4. Take into account a program for operator-driven reliability
  5. Boost fundamental work procedures
  6. Use cooperative incentive programs to promote performance
  7. Create your maintenance strategy.
  8. Pay attention to your tools
  9. Cease praising failure.
  10. Concentrate on the 60%
  11. Put condition-based monitoring to full use.
  12. More precisely, calculate labour hour estimates.
  13. Bring in the appropriate leaders
  14. Use many tools to maximize your savings.
  15. Create a thorough and accurate list of the equipment.
  16. Never settle for “good enough.”
  17. Streamline work procedures
  18. Employ appropriate predictive maintenance metrics
  19. Establish a precise, concise vision
  20. Acquire skills in root cause analysis
  21. Observe, hear, touch, and smell
  22. Decide on a staffing model for lubrication.
  23. Establish a scheduled backlog
  24. Make use of analysis of reliability-cantered maintenance
  25. Follow these 12 actions to implement total productive maintenance
  26. Break free from the maintenance budget’s prison.
  27. Acquire knowledge of the letter “P”
  28. Prepare an equipment bill of materials
  29. Map failures using P-F intervals and prevent them.
  30. Take into account a system of on-going observation
  31. Establish a solid rapport with operations
  32. Calculate the cost of a functional failure scenario
  33. Create standardized maintenance practices
  34. Manage resources based on the criticality
  35. Introduce the “Should-Actual Five-Whys” technique to operators.
  36. Maximize the use of your EAM
  37. Utilize several CBM tools
  38. Plan tasks effectively to minimize downtime
  39. Identify the best maintenance practices
  40. Evaluate your lubrication plan.
  41. Early machine troubleshooting
  42. Eliminate process bottlenecks
  43. Improve PM tasks
  44. Establish an efficient program for oil analysis.
  45. Use maintenance checklists
  46. Avoid the top 5 hazards
  47. Assign equipment ownership to maintenance personnel
  48. Use smart kitting
  49. Strive for zero failures
  50. Control the process of change

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