Who Has 500 Teeth in a Dinosaur? (Common Misunderstandings)

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The internet brings up hundreds of terrific things every day. One of those trending things is what dinosaur has 500 teeth. People are falling so much for this thing. They are searching google for an answer to this like crazies, so much so that even Google’s auto-suggestions show it.

You must be wondering how this meme took an upward trend on the internet. It all started with the ‘what kind of dinosaur has 500 teeth’ meme. Well, if you google this question, you would find Nigersaurus in the results.

Many juvenile jokers are trying to shock people with this interesting fact. In fact, you will also have people telling you not to google ‘what dinosaur has 500 teeth.’ Some memes might even have captions telling the world that googling this thing might be the worst mistake of your life.

Well, that is enough of an introduction about what dinosaur has 500 teeth. Many teens are using it as a racial slur because of the presence of the N-word. So, it becomes crucial to clarify why exactly ‘what kind of dinosaur has 500 teeth meme’ emerged.

What’s With What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?

Nigersaurus was a dinosaur that existed almost 110 million years ago. Native to Niger‘s Sahara Desert, this dinosaur was 30-foot-long and fed on plants. Nigersaurus survived in a lush-green environment. These dinos had unusually delicate skulls.

Interestingly, these dinosaurs had 500 slender teeth lined beautifully. They had a huge number of teeth to help them adapt to eating the plants on the ground and the shrubs and trees. The dinosaur had a long neck and 500 replaceable teeth.

Now that you know ‘what dinosaur has 500 teeth,’ let us know more about how this hot topic came into the spotlight.

What Does ‘Nigersaurus’ Mean?

This name translates as ‘Niger reptile’. According to Definitions.net, the name of the dinosaur with 500 teeth is an homage to the discoverer. Additionally, it pays honor to the place where the bones were discovered, Niger, Tunisia.

Niger is a country in West Africa that is also known as the Niger Republic. Additionally, this country’s climate is fairly warm, and it is situated on top of the world’s largest uranium resources. Additionally, Niger is blessed with deserts and mountains.

Along with ‘what dinosaur has 500 teeth,’ Niger has a rich archaeological heritage. The area is home to both prehistoric rock

How Did ‘What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth’ Meme Came Into Spotlight?

The ‘don’t google’ joke didn’t take much time to spread on Reddit and other social networking sites. The joke became popular among the people at the start of December 2019. Finally, the ‘what kind of dinosaur has 500 teeth’ meme took to youtube to surprise folks. These youtube videos recorded a high number of likes and views.

The teen who started this joke lost his social networking account. His account got deleted apparently because of the dinosaur name’s association with the N-word.

Well, this is all about why the internet went crazy about a dinosaur that had 500 teeth. But that is not it! Let us find out what the scientists say about this remarkable discovery.

The Scientists’ Take on the Dinosaur With 500 Teeth

Scientists have been excited about the discovery of the Nigersaurus. Their expedition in Niger brought them very specific results. In the first week of discovery, they found bones of the dinosaur that left them amazed.

This sauropod had a big skull and a mouth with 500 teeth. This discovery brought an unusual topic of discussion.

The dinosaur also had a curved upward tail. When this dinosaur died, it was a hatchling. Perhaps it was even less than a year.

The 500-tooth dinosaur meme.

There are many sides to the net. The correct version of the question is to find out which Dinosaur has 500 teeth. Because of its unique feature, the Internet is filled with amazing and sometimes wonderful information. This question has become a common meme. “What dinosaur has the most teeth?” can be addressed differently. The Internet is now the best source of information for finding the most bizarre facts.

What caused this meme to spread?

In January 2020, the joke was uploaded to YouTube. Client WarmerBasson69 published a video mildly telling the mark on January 20, which received more than 66,000 views. Client Izzy Tube posted a January 23rd video, which received more than 2,200 views. They were deleted. The meme was shrouded using The Sun in January 2020. Decoration Hussey posted a video in which they Googled the Dinosaur, and it received north of 5,200 views (displayed below, left).

Wrapping It Up!

So, here is everything you need to know about the dinosaur with 100 teeth. Don’t forget to share information about this dinosaur with your close friends. The next time you come across the phrase, ‘don’t google which dino has 500 teeth,’ don’t feel alarmed. If you have read everything about this dinosaur, you are well-equipped with all the information.

What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth FAQs

1: How did this meme or joke begin?

The meme was started within the Reddit group or on the site However, the user’s account was deleted today.

2. What was the date the meme or joke was launched?

The meme, or joke “google the dinosaur with 500 teeth was initially presented by one Reddit user. Then, in a short time, this went viral, and the account was deleted. The date that is the first time this meme was posted was on September 6, 2019.

3. What is the meme or joke signify?

The purpose of this meme is to make people use the word “N-word. The internet has created this joke or meme by asking which dinosaurs have 500 teeth? On Google, however, this is not as funny as they imagined or thought.

The Final Wordsare:

Sometimes, we consider a meme or joke way too into our search results and even in our thinking. However, we don’t consider these memes or jokes considerably since they may affect human feelings and sentiments. They can cause a huge type of damage to the sensibility of a person. If in the future occasion, you come across people in this scenario; and come to the same result, you must keep them from completing the results of which dinosaurs have 500 teeth? See more articles jockeyfrog

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