7 Doctor-Recommended Ways to Improve Your Sexual Life

7 Doctor-Recommended Ways to Improve Your Sexual Life
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Seeking advice on how to liven up your dating life? The Flo team, which includes experts in psychology and physiology, has created a list of activities for you and your spouse to try. Enjoy!

How to get more libido?

The majority of studies indicate that your desire for sex peaks around ovulation, the biological period when you are most likely to conceive.

However, it isn’t always the case. Other aspects of life, particularly stress and a hectic schedule, can also impact libido.

For instance, being under stress at work could make you less interested in having sex, but while you’re away, your libido might increase. Fildena 100 purple pills are helpful to fulfill your sexual desire.

Compared to women in long-term partnerships, single women frequently experience higher surges in sex desire around ovulation.

Find out how to discuss sex with your partner:

It might be challenging to start talking about sex in a new relationship for years since you can feel bashful or afraid to invade your partner’s privacy. However, talking to your spouse will be helpful if you find that sex isn’t satisfying for you.

Speaking openly and honestly about sex with your partner will help you both feel more comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings.

You shouldn’t moralize or reprimand your partner in order for this chat to be successful and not become a point of contention. Explain your desires gently, not what your partner is doing incorrectly.

Pick a suitable time for our discussion. In the morning, in the bathroom, or even in bed. The most important thing is that you are both relaxed and in a good mood to discuss sex and health.

Try eating aphrodisiacs:

Humans have two essential needs: food and sex. It comes as no surprise that individuals enjoy combining these two for increased pleasure.

Any substance that stimulates and raises libido is an aphrodisiac. The best aphrodisiac foods are rumored to include chocolate, oysters, avocado, red pepper, ginseng, honey, strawberries, and almonds.

Recent research, however, indicates that only ginseng is useful in treating male sexual dysfunction.

All other foods that are said to be aphrodisiacs for both sexes contain either substances that elevate mood (such as chocolate and chili peppers), vitamins (such as vitamin B-rich honey, vitamin E-rich avocado, and vitamin C-rich strawberries) or healthy minerals (such as zinc-rich oysters and nuts).

Make use of kegel exercises:

The pelvic muscles were to be strengthened via kegel exercises. Women have reported that after performing Kegel exercises, the sensation during sexual contact intensified.

These activities can enhance both partners’ sexual enjoyment and intimacy.

Strong muscles in women make orgasms more potent. Due to its developed suppleness, tight compression of the penis in the vagina enhances men’s experiences.

By clenching the pelvic floor muscles as your pee is flowing, you can fully experience the advantages of Kegel exercises. Three times a day, a set of 10 repetitions is all that is required to contract and relax those muscles.

You can perform the workout whenever you choose, whether you’re at work, driving, or just relaxing on the couch reading.

Give “dirty talk” a try:

The brain is the most seductive organ in the human body and the source of sexual desire. This is why “dirty talk” or discussing sex in a crude or offensive manner is so enticing.

The hypothalamus, a region of the brain in charge of testosterone production, is where attraction first begins. Fear is managed by the amygdala.

These two areas of the brain determine your response to profanity or the topic at hand, but it differs between men and women.

Why do guys enjoy sex abuse? Because a man’s hypothalamus is larger, he has a higher libido and is more sexually active.

The partner’s amygdala is engaged, making them prone to submission and allowing one to relax and divulge secret desires.

Take a risk:

According to researchers, engaging in high-adrenaline activities with a partner (such as viewing a thriller, riding a roller coaster, climbing, etc.) results in releasing hormones that arouse people.

Adrenaline enters the blood during stressful events. Dopamine, a hormone of pleasure that rewards the body for conquering stress, is then produced by the brain.

Your lover will undoubtedly feel more love after a sexual encounter.

Exercise with your partner if you are not a thrill seeker. The outcome will be comparable.

Discuss after Sex:

After sex, talking to your spouse can strengthen your bond.

Your relationship and love life can benefit from talking about your fantasies or things you like.

Couples will benefit if they are able to have honest, private pillow talks.

The advice for having healthy sex is all really straightforward. Be open and sincere with your relationship, and don’t be afraid to try new things! You’ll discover the secret to the finest sex of your life together. But if you struggle, think about seeing a therapist with your partner.

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