Big Ways a Zero Nicotine Vape Can Potentially Improve Your Quality of Life

Nicotine Free Vape
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Tired of fighting off your desire to have a cigarette? Do you wish there was a better way?

There is – and it just might be a zero nicotine vape. Here are some ways a zero nicotine vape can improve your quality of life – either while you’re trying to quit or afterward.

1.  No more cravings

Whether you use a zero nicotine vape as a tobacco cessation product or you simply enjoy one long after you’ve kicked “the” habit, you’ll be free of the fetters of cravings.

Everyone knows that when you’re addicted to nicotine, your life is only half your own. Cravings can strike at any time; in the middle of a movie, while you’re out at dinner, during a show, or on a 10-hour long flight.

Never are these cravings welcome – but at least with a non-nicotine vape, you won’t suffer the same cravings.

2.  Put hours back in your day

How many hours a day do you waste on smoke breaks? Whatever it is, it’s more than you need to.

When you vape no-nicotine, you vape your way, when you want, as you want – not as commanded by cravings.

That means you can reclaim hours for your day and use them how you like.

3.  Avoid the adverse health effects of nicotine

You’ve heard all about it by now. Maybe you know more about the adverse health effects of smoking than you know about the side effects of nicotine, but they’re there.

Nicotine raises blood pressure, hardens the arteries, interrupts the focus, suppresses the appetite, and may even be a carcinogen.

Quitting can only do you good, and a zero nicotine vape will not introduce you to the same risks as vapes that use e-liquids that contain nicotine.

4.  Save you money

Only you know how much money you spend on smoking, but for the purposes of playing a thought experiment, let’s say a pack of cigarettes costs you about $10 where you live.

Now let’s say you smoke a pack a day, every day. That’s over $3,000 a year – $3,650, to be precise.

What if you smoke two packs a day, as some people do? That’s suddenly over $7,000 a year, at $7,300.

 Sure, non-nicotine vapes cost money too, but they’re not subject to the same crippling taxes as tobacco, and moreover, with a non-nicotine vape, you’ll be feeding an indulgence and not an addiction. They are not the same.

Plus, who couldn’t use an extra $3,000 or $7,000 at the end of the year?

5.  Help you achieve your fitness goals

Don’t take this the wrong way. A zero nicotine vape will not actively help you reach your fitness goals. We’re not trying to suggest that.

But, at the same time, quitting smoking can help you improve the health of your heart and lungs, since tobacco smoke and tar actively contravene cardiovascular health.

6.  Avoid the health risks lurking under the surface of conventional vapes

Many vapes – even perhaps some non-nicotine vapes – contain ingredients that are somewhat less than beneficial to your health.

For instance, even taking nicotine out of the picture, many vapes contain heavy metals like lead or nickel, as well as VOCs, vitamin E acetate, and harmful flavoring agents like diacetyl.

But there are zero nicotine vapes that are made to a higher standard of quality – like the vapes available online at Cyclone Pods. Their vape juices are made with nothing but propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin (PG and VG, respectively) as well as some natural and artificial flavorings.

That’s it – none of the other suspected harmful ingredients that are sometimes encountered in e-liquids.

7.  Give yourself the ability to try something new

Finally, a zero nicotine vape, whether you choose a disposable device or a rechargeable vape device, can give you the ability to indulge in a new experience.

And, who knows – you might like it even better than vaping products that contain nicotine. Cyclone Pods, for instance, carries numerous different types of o nicotine disposables in a variety of flavors – so you won’t run out of things to try.

Try a Zero Nicotine Vape Today – You Have Options!

Interesting in giving one of the zero nicotine vapes available at Cyclone Pods a try? Here are your options.

●    Gust Disposable:

The Gust Disposable is a classic. It’s only $10 dollars and rated to last for 200 puffs. When you’re done, just toss it.

●    Gust Plus Disposable

The Gust Plus Disposable offers everything that the Gust Disposable offers, just in a step up – it’s rated to 600 puffs.

●    Gust Super Disposable

More like a vape mod than an e-cig, the Gust Super is a nicotine-free disposable vape that can be recharged and will last about 5000 puffs!

●    Cyclone Thunder Device

Last but not least, the Cyclone Thunder is a nicotine-free vape that can be recharged and refilled with pods (it has no vape tank).

It has a longer-lasting battery than a JUUL, and at 1.5ml, each Thunder Pod is more than twice the capacity of a standard JUUL pod!

Wondering how these devices work? Ready to get started enjoying vaping without nicotine? Check out Cyclone Pods at to learn more.

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