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The blockchain and crypto industry has seen its biggest jumps in popularity over recent years. Thanks to the pandemic serving as a catalyst for these industries to become well-known, there have been more blockchain projects than ever before! While some projects may provide solutions for a better digital experience, others may focus on providing solutions for businesses that help them be more efficient. 

Since there are a good amount of projects in the market, there’s a very good chance that your blockchain project may go unnoticed and never reach the right people. As a solution (ironically enough), we’ve come up with a digital marketing guide to help you give your project more reach and make itself known!

What Is a Blockchain Marketing Strategy? 

Surprisingly, a blockchain marketing strategy is quite similar to traditional digital marketing in many ways. It also includes strategic plans such as content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing, among other marketing verticals. 

However, with blockchain still being foreign among several individuals, developers and blockchain pr companies must come up with innovative strategies to market, educate, and spread awareness to potential investors and customers.

In all, the primary distinction between traditional and blockchain digital marketing is that here you’re promoting your blockchain project and aiming to market to informed and tech-savvy customers that rely on data-driven (analyzed and interpreted) information. 

Importance of a Blockchain Marketing Strategy 

A blockchain marketing plan that effectively promotes blockchain initiatives entails a thorough grasp of your target audience’s purchasing process.

These marketing techniques help you provide value to your audience while also creating trust with potential buyers. Creating a set plan will assist you in determining what makes your company stand out and how to communicate ideas to your target customers with the help of varied channels. A digital marketing agency can help you create a campaign that will reach your target customers and create a relationship of trust.

Having this in place will also help you to measure how successful your campaigns are and save a lot of costs as you know what exactly will get your project the right results. 

Steps to Creating Your Own Digital Marketing Strategy 

Creating your digital marketing strategies will require a few initial steps to be completed first. Before entering the tricky part, it’s essential to have the fundamentals cleared first.

Below are 4 steps to getting started. 

Build Your Brand Identity 

One of the primary strategies for your blockchain project is to build an identity. 

But how will this help? 

Your project should create a distinctive identity that is unique in itself and has its own voice. This makes a bridge between customers and the company, simply put, it connects them.

For this, you will have to thoroughly research and find out the USP of your blockchain project and why people should take an interest in it. After establishing one, you need to make a compelling brand story, logo, tagline, etc. All these will be the face of your project and be put in marketing campaigns to spread the word. 

Find Your Target Audience 

As mentioned at the start, one of the biggest reasons for projects to go unnoticed is that they never reach the intended audience. 

Imagine this, do you think a group of kids would like to sit through a two-hour horror film? Most likely, no. This results from presenting a specific type of content to an audience that won’t ever accept, understand or care for it.

Look at what sectors your blockchain project caters to and find the different types of people who hold an interest in them. Once you’ve got an idea of who you need to convince, you can freely concentrate on how you’ll market your project in the best way. 

Choose the Right Channels 

Having the right channels to market your project is of utmost importance. However, your focus should not be limited to just increasing followers but to establishing a community. 

Crypto enthusiasts often check and read from active channels such as Discord, Twitch, Medium, Forum, etc. You can publish listings of your blockchain project on these platforms to engage with your target audience. 

Monitor and Analyze Your Results 

To know if your marketing campaigns have been successful or not, you will need to measure, monitor, and analyze them. There are various tools that will assist you in scrutinizing how well your blockchain project is being perceived across channels.

Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google search console, etc., will be pretty helpful in tracking your campaign. This will improve your performance and help you develop better marketing strategies. 

Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Blockchain Project

Let’s take a look at how you can create powerful strategies for your project. 

Integrating SEO 

A solid online presence holds immense significance for businesses today regardless of their niche, and the best tool to achieve this is SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization undoubtedly plays a crucial role in driving traffic and getting customers’ attention. Using the right keywords and optimizing the content, your project can show up on the first page, where most customers will find you. 

The key is to make your content SEO-friendly so that the web crawlers or bots can easily find and index your content to be among the top searches, which will bring your project more visibility and generate leads. 

Content Strategy 

Content strategy is a relatively easy aspect to go wrong with, especially for the blockchain industry. Given that the blockchain space is highly competitive, providing detailed and beneficial information about your project is crucial. 

This needs to be based on your target audience’s expertise while also focusing on keeping your strategies unique and avoiding generic content.  

You can have more clicks on your website through informative blog posts, news or videos to encourage conversations and retain customers. Not only will your organic traffic increase, but so will your brand awareness and authority, all of which are a must when it comes to the blockchain industry due to misconceptions. 

Email Marketing Strategy 

A good email marketing strategy can keep onboard users engaged and drive new ones to your blockchain project. Like other communication platforms, emails are the next medium to share promotional updates, newsletters, etc., but most importantly, they also help you get feedback.

The best part about emails is that they are free to use and scalable, and you can track them too! Altogether, it’s a great way to stay in touch with the crypto community and keep them updated with the latest follow-ups about your project.


There are hundreds of blockchain projects being released every now and then, but the bottom line makes you different. You will need to ace your digital marketing game to stand out from your competitors. 

This is even more critical if your blockchain project is still in the developing stage and requires support from people. However, with customized and strategic-driven digital marketing, you can expand your reach and garner the attention of investors and customers. 


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